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John Goullet Is An Expert In Labor Trends In Information Technology

John Goullet knows all about IT consulting and staffing services and has seen the job market change a lot over the years. But he knows how to adapt to new demands and new technologies, and that’s why Diversant, LLC has benefited from his guidance. Goullet is the Executive Principal of Diversant, a position he’s held since 2010 along with CEO Gene Waddy and Chief Operating Officer Jim Yoshimura. Diversant has become one of the largest certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) in addition to connecting job candidates with hiring companies, they also provide benefits packages to those candidates including tuition reimbursement and ongoing training, paid vacations, 401k and insurance. Goullet’s decision to start an IT staffing company came over 20 years ago after he spent years as a technician and advisor.

John Goullet got his formal education in the IT field from Ursinus College back in the early 1980s and started out with several companies as a basic technician. As a consultant, Goullet worked for several major IT firms including the Computer Sciences Corporation and the Castell Group. In 1994 after holding a position as a staffing account executive, Goullet founded Info Technologies which became a $30 million company and made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies at number 8. Info Technologies made a lot of connections with fortune 500 companies and important service agencies, but Goullet wanted to do even more with the company to encourage new workers to become consultants. So he joined up with Gene Waddy in 2010 and Diversant was formed. See LinkedIn profile .

Diversant hasn’t just been a place to connect people to jobs, they’ve also seen their role in the Newark, NJ community and other cities as important. So they’ve joined local committees including PACE Monmouth, the New York Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee and the New Jersey Tech Council to grow education and tech company awareness. Diversant has also given back to veterans and their families by helping them obtain education and work through the STAR and NOVA programs. Other philanthropies Goullet and Diversant’s leaders have been involved in include the Harlem Business Alliance and the Marion P. Thomas charter school scholarship.

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