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Jingdong Establishes A Marketing Campaign At The 2019 Dragon Boat Festival

The Annual Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional and cultural event during the month of June of each year in China. Families celebrate the special occasion enjoying delicious zongzi, a spicy or sweet type of dumpling wrapped in sticky rice. The Chinese people started the celebration on June 1st, 2019 and Jingdong, known as JD.com was there to deliver 47 tons of Wu Fang Zhai products to consumers during the event. Millions of customers covet the brand in China and international because of its variation of dishes. JD.com formed a business relationship with Wu Fang Zhai in 2015 providing them with logistics networking services. The food brand is one of the largest Chinese brands in Northern China to market classic and traditional dishes.

Jingdong helped Wu Fang Zhai to enhance their packaging strategies by replacing paper boxes with bamboo material boxes. By the end of 2018, the new packaging sales increased four times the number of paper packages. Jingdong and Wu Fang Zhai formed a marketing campaign at the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival which is a success. They ensured each customer received the benefits of quality and timely delivery services. During the festival, families love eating zongzi at home to celebrate their culture. They can order Wu Fang Zhai’s zongzi and have it delivered on the same-day, next-day, or the second-day.

On the first day of the festival, JD.com started its first day of their anniversary sale. Wu Fang Zhai participated in the sales event and received remarkable sales of their traditional and classic dishes. Richard Liu is the CEO and Founder of JD.com and started the mega-sized e-commerce retailer in 2004 while receiving remarkable growth within a few years. Prior to starting the company, he operated 12 local stores in Beijing and two other nearby cities. Jingdong introduced Chinese consumers to a new way of shopping with fast delivery using their logistic networking systems in China. Earlier this year, JD imported fresh harvests of kiwi and apples from New Zealand to meet the demand of their customers. In 2019, the online retailer fulfilled obligations for Wu Fang Zhai, Zespr, and Rockit Global.

Source of the article : https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E4%BA%AC%E4%B8%9C/210931

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