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Jingdong and Their New Partnerships

In the article JD.com and British Fashion Council Join Force With New Partnership Jingdong has joined forced with the British Fashion Council. This in return has made Jingdong the official Chinese retail partner for London’s fashion week. This is a huge step up for Jingdong and because this partnership now makes their clothing more well known and they can become more successful.

JD.com has a goal with the British Fashion Council that they must make their clothing line a mutually beneficial global platform for both themselves and for the the British Fashion Council. This helps bring cultural exchange to the table and the talent that will be integrated together from both fashion designers.

JD.com hosted their own fashion show and cat walk in Shanghai to showcase some of their designers and to hopefully sell to local retailers, media, and influences in the industry. In September of 2018 Jingdong teamed up with influences to help support their work at the catwalk during the London Fashion week. Having the help and support of these people will make Jingdong a lot stronger as a whole. They wish to become a cultural exchange not just with London but with others. Culture, intelligence, and integration are important parts of the fashion industry. If you wish to make it, you must have these things.

JD.com believes that fashion is boundaryless. Jingdong wishes to break the walls down and to have their fashion known worldwide. They hope that partnering with the London Fashion Council will help them succeed in this goal. Fashion is a language that everybody in the world understands. By using this as their platform they believe that they will get through and be well known by all. As of right now Jingdong has 300 million customers that are in China alone. They aim to get more customers via this partnership.

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