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Jim Larkin

A person who lived in slums used to be considered as of low social standards. But people often judge others from where they come from or by their looks. However, Jim Larkin would prove this notion wrong, because he is a perfect example of someone that rose from the slums and ended up being well accomplished.

Having an elder brother, parents and other siblings who would be waiting at the end of the day for something to settle their hunger was not an easy bargain. James Larkin also desired to get educated because he knew that in education lay a lot of unseen treasures.

He also knew that education would one day serve him right. However, his family’s impoverished state was intense, and he had to drop his dreams of an educated life. He, therefore, sought another way to be successful. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography

After his father’s death when he was 14 years old, James Larkin went back to the docks where all opportunities presented a better but tougher life. The beginning just like most other beginnings was not any easy. James had to struggle from one dock to another, and also from being a sailor to being a docker.

Finally, the docks of Liverpool shone light to his life when he became a foreman. His lucks did not run out because soon after that, James Larkin wedded. His later life saw him blessed with fruits of love; children.

James Larkin became a member of a socialist group that advocated for workers’ rights. He then joined a union that to him would mean a lot because he would stop shifting from employment to another and finally settle on something that gave his life purpose.

NUDL was his turning point as a trade unionist because, despite the opposition that he faced, James Larkin was very much enlightened that in three years he was able to form his own union.

He went aside with James Connolly who had shown him respect and the loyalty that friends have for each other. ITGWU became a uniting organization which aimed to bring Irish laborers and employees who had unmatched skills together.

The World War then broke out, and James Larkin asked some workers to lay their tools down and take to the streets to protests against the war.

When not much could be done, he took sides against the Brtish and went to the United States of America with the aim of providing arms and support against the former. He died years later.

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