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Jeremy Goldstein: Even More Inspired by Fountain House

Since 1944, Fountain House has been fighting for equality and the overall treatment of people suffering from mental illness. Back then, Fountain House was just a support group and allowed sufferers to speak to other sufferers. Today, Fountain House is a national advocate that recently reached out to other like-minded organizations all over the world.

Fountain House was proud to host the first-ever mental health conference. As sad as it sounds, only 300 mental health professionals attended, but that’s 300 more than had ever gathered in one location. For decades, mental health has gone overlooked or ignored. Mistreatment of those with mental illness started hundreds of years ago, but in this day and age, there’s no longer an excuse.

Even if someone is completely oblivious to the struggles associated with mental illness, there’s no reason for modern society to shun or abuse these people. People suffering from a severe mental illness have options today that they didn’t have a decade ago.

Mental health is no longer a death sentence or a reason to lock someone up in an institution where they’re tortured for the sake of “science.” Today, Fountain House exists to advocate and bridge the gap between society and sufferers. Over the last 70 years, Fountain House has done more for these people than any other organization.

Fountain House offers its member numerous treatments and programs to ensure they fully recover or learn to live with their condition. The charity works with members on everything from identifying the severity of their condition to finding a job and becoming financially independent. If need be, the organization will even help people and their families find somewhere to live until they can get back on their own two feet.

Helping Fountain House find funding to support its programs and treatment centers are people like Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein, in particular, is good at raising money for Fountain House, as he’s a premier New York lawyer. Using his popularity among some of New York’s socialites, he hosts wine dinners to awareness and money for mental health.

Some of the most elite CEOs, compensation committees, management teams, and corporations trust Jeremy Goldstein as their advising attorney. Goldstein always believed in a more friendly a sociable approach to working with clients, which is why so many clients came to his aid when he wanted to start hosting wine dinners for Fountain House.


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