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Jeremy Goldstein Conquering Doubt And Forging Ahead

The legal field is not one that is typically characterized with doubt. Lawyers are not viewed as individuals who doubt themselves or their abilities. Although Jeremy Goldstein admits that doubt can sometimes be a huge hurdle in his life. A hurdle that he must address and Russell as quickly as it arises.


One would not consider a man with such profound accolades as a doubtfulnperson. Mr. Goldstein attended the prestigious Cornell University for his Bachelor’s degree. He then went on for a Master’s degree at the University of Chicago. He then finally attained his Juris Doctorate at New York University.


Doubt does not enter one’s thoughts about an attorney who serves on the advisory committee for the American Bar Association. It is also not a primary concern for an individual who has founded his own law firm whose clients are some of the most prestige companies in the country.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who cares about people. He seems to forged relationships with his clients that goes beyond the professional interactions within the legal setting. He seems a connection with clients that extend into persons interactions as well. This can also be seen in his own private interactions.


Goldstein has a soft spot in his heart for helping the most vulnerable of society. He serves as a board member for the Fountain House. This is an organization that aids adult members of society who struggle from mental health issues.


Struggling with periodic doubt helps Goldstein remember the type of lawyer he wants to be. He states that doubt is simply a feeling, an emotion. Emotions pass. It is for this reason he works hard to recall last successes. Success aids in his own personal growth.


Success does not come without any difficulty of failure. Rather the difficulties help him to grow and overcome. In dealing with difficulties he must focus on his strengths and how his abilities give him the power to forge on. Difficulties should not be avoided, they should be welcomed as an opportunity for growth.


Growth leads to success. Although success is not always measured in dollars. Success can be overcoming a difficulty, aiding others, or simply a feeling of accomplishment. Goldstein looks at success as the ability to p!an for the long term and reaching personal goals. Part of this measure of success for Goldstein is to achieve positive relations with the public.


Word of mouth and referrals are an important part of running a law firm. One person giving a bad review or opinion can destroy a lawyer’s reputation. One must work hard to maintain a positive opinion within the public realm. A lot of this has to do with not just the people working within the firm, but also the clients the firm represents.


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