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Jeff Aronin Heads a Company Devoted to Excellence

Innovation and vision are crucial qualities. Innovators are those who see things others cannot. Those who can provide visionary ideas can help change the world in a positive way. One such person is Jeff Aronin. Jeff Aronin knows that it is possible to transform the healthcare field.

In recent years, Jeff Aronin has seen the world he knows change for the better. As an investor and an innovator in the field, he wants others to do as he has done. He wants to do all he can to help encourage people to feel free to explore new avenues of excellence. His own life has been all about searching for new ways to see the world. Jeff Aronin earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Northern Illinois University. In the process, he discovered that he wanted to make the world of medicine his own. He also came to realize that he could directly help make a difference in the lives of patients. He also wanted to encourage others to feel the same freedom to find new medicines.


Devoted to Excellence

As a result of his passion for medicine and desire to help people who need it, Jeff Aronin decided it was time to create a company of his own. This is when his attention turned to creating a company that could truly encourage and support innovation. The result is Paragon Biosciences. This company has seen tremendous success in the world. In the process, they have earned a great deal of appreciation from patients in many corners of the globe. Jeff Aronin is the moving force behind the company. As the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, he has helped push the world of medicine forward in some many ways. In this role, he has been instrumental in supervising many areas of medicine and helping people find the potential treatments and even the cures that are possible in today’s medical climate. He works hard to help motivate his team to ever greater heights in life. Under his help, the company has been able to create new medications that offer essential promise to patients.


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