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Jeff Aronin, CEO of Paragon Biosciences LLC

When it comes to the success of a team, there are leaders and there are followers. Jeff Aronin is definitely a leader and has demonstrated that throughout his career of launching bioscience firms and serving as CEO and/or chairman of multiple successful bioscience technology and research companies. He brings over 20 years of experience to the table in bioscience marketing, development, and leadership and his efforts have not gone unrecognized. He has earned numerous awards such as the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago Rovner Award in 2007, the 2010 Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center’s Humanitarian Award, the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, and more.

Jeff Aronin is currently the CEO and chairman for Paragon Biosciences LLC, based in the Greater Chicago area. Aronin has held this position since 2010. Before this, he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals and served as the president and CEO of the company until it was acquired by Lundbeck, Inc. in 2009. He serves as the chairman of multiple Paragon portfolio companies and is currently on the Board of Directors for Discover Financial. Aronin uses his experience from these companies to push Paragon Biosciences to the forefront of the global bioscience and pharmaceuticals industries.

Paragon Biosciences focuses on building biotech research and development firms to focus on medicine and treatment development for more than 6,000 diseases that have no cure as of yet. Paragon Biosciences has many firms under its portfolio, each with its own specific, well-defined purpose headed by Aronin. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals is one of these firms. Castle Creek’s focus is on debilitating dermatological diseases. Another of their firms is Decade. Decade’s focus is on pharmaceutical developments that can improve Alzheimer’s disease patients’ overall outcome and quality of life.

For most of their research, Paragon Biosciences LLC conducts clinical trials. These trials are all in various stages of development. With Jeff Aronin as the leader, Paragon Biosciences will continue to discover new, innovative treatments for many diseases and, in the long run, improve health conditions on a global scale (Worldbusinesschicago).

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