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Jeff Aronin: Bringing Revolution in the Bioscience Sector

Jeffry Aronin has almost 20 years of experience in the development of biotech and healthcare modernization companies. Aronin’s expertise in patient-focused drug development and complex science has made one of the most popular, innovative trailblazers in the bioscience industry focused on tackling the unmet needs of those patients struggling with rare diseases. His role as a scientific visionary and entrepreneur has contributed to the approval and growth of almost a dozen new technologies and medicines and has created lots of jobs. Jeff Aronin presently works as the Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, a company with a mission to enhance the lives of the patients who are struggling with debilitating illness by developing innovative biotechnology establishments that bring essential medicines to the healthcare market.

Jeff has worked as chairman of various science-affiliated companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Paragon Pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences. Previously, Aronin served as the chief executive officer and president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical firm he established in 2000 that was later purchased by Lundbeck in 2009. Jeff Aronin serves on several corporate boards including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Discover Financial Services. He is also the co-chairman and founder of MATTER, a biotechnology incubator, and he works as an executive of the Economic Club of Chicago. Jeff Aronin also works regularly as a lecturer in Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business and the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

Paragon Biosciences is an incubator and investment company based in Chicago, whose mission is to build and grow leading biotechnology firms. It exclusively focuses on the need of a patient, the science behind the illness and developing important firms to bring innovative treatments to patients quickly. Jeff Aronin and his firm have an exceptional track record in getting drugs approved, with 13 new medicines approved, on average with most of the Big Pharmaceutical firms over the last decade.

Paragon always begins with the need of the patient. Once it identifies an incapacitating illness without an effective treatment, Mr. Aronin together with his team acts quickly to attend to that need. What drives Jeff and his team is the desire to know the causes of a disease, which treatments can help the patients and how the firm can bring the medication to the patients.

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