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JD.com Expands Their Service to Thailand

According to an article on JD Corporate Blog, they have officially expanded their services to Thailand. But what is JD.com? It is an online platform that was invented by an entrepreneur named Jingdong that sells a wide array of products. JD.com is one of the largest retailers to China and have expanded their platform to that area. The platform is called “JD Central,” which will allow consumers in Thailand to purchase their items from their website and give them an unrivaled shopping experience that they believe is second to none in the industry. Both have been able to work something together through Central Group and the two started the partnership in September of last year.

JD.com looked to expand for quite some time as they have business in Indonesia as well as wanting to expand their service throughout Asia in the past. According to the article, the online retailer also have investments in Tiki, a business located in Vietnam. JD Central has been successful since its opening with a lot of products being offered to customers in the form of electronics, fashion, appliances, music, and books. They also offer common household items such as toilet paper, foods, cosmetics, and more.

According to JD.com’s logistics, they have found that mobile devices and fashion items are the most popular items purchased and have noticed that many people choose to shop while on their mobile devices that includes the use of cell phones. JD.com has been able to be successful even with products from Chinese companies. What has made the online retailer so successful is that they have an excellent delivery system and simple shopping experience. The retailer has only continued to expand over time to Asia and improve their delivery system to be able to deliver products on the same day. JD.com plans to work with other companies in Thailand in the near future as Vincent Yang, the CEO to JD Central, stated that the company is thrilled to offer their service to consumers in Thailand. The individual believed that the partnership would change the market and be successful there.


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