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Jason Hope: A Technologist and a Philanthropist

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, a health care expert, and a philanthropist. He graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Arizona. He later joined the same university for Masters in Business Administration. Jason started the business of mobile communication technology. It was the best decision made by him and that itself changed his life completely. He engaged in the business of business premium text messages. He was able to amass a reasonable wealth and eventually became the leader he is today.

Jason owns media companies that offer SEO(Search Engine Optimization), interactive software, Digital media solutions and Business Information Systems. He is aware that most business relies on technology and has been on the frontline towards ensuring that he brings out the best in his businesses. He is always updated on the directions the technology is taking and has been on the move since then. Jason Hope understands how technology is moving and has a clear understanding of what it is all about. He takes the time to understand the future of technology. He also believes in the internet and the way it is changing many things. He is always optimistic about what is likely to change in future. He works for it and with passion.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and has been involved in raising funds for people with health based issues. He once donated $500,000 to SENS foundation a foundation whose aim is to research on the future of anti-aging process and medicine. He has worked with senior people like Dr. Aubrey de Grey. His humanitarian achievements have changed the lives of so many people in the society. His passion about anti aging processes has helped him prevent dangerous diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer. A huge amount of money goes to the curing of the diseases. He is also focusing on the technology that will ensure the diseases does not spread in future and thus preventing them from causing uncontrollable damages.

Jason Hope when idle is found reading online materials. He is now working on how to accelerate human intelligence through technology. Therefore he will read his stuff and then share for others to read. He is such a great guy who shares everything good about success.

Jason Hope Info: http://jasonhope.com/technology/

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