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James Dondero: Working as a Company Head and as a Volunteer

James Dondero is the current chief executive officer of the Highland Capital Management, a leading financial and investment firm headquartered in Dallas Texas. The company is known all over the United States because of their role in the management of assets owned by business people not only in Texas but all over the country. After the company’s establishment in 1993, the management decided to assist a lot of entrepreneurs all over the country, giving them a chance to grow. Under the leadership of philanthropist James Dondero, the Highland Capital Management searched for the people that they could help, and providing them with the financial assistance that they needed.

Many business people saw the potential of the Highland Capital Management to become a renowned business leader in the field of investment and financial management, and it resulted to the rising number of companies that initiated a partnership with the company. James Dondero has been an effective leader that his business guide the company to the right track. Recently, he engaged in purchasing new investments, including hedge funds and stock market shares. The Highland Capital Management was also successful with its plans of reaching more than $10 billion in assets, and they are only $6 billion short of reaching the record holding amount of finances raised in the history of the United States.

Aside from his business schedule managing the Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is also known for his investment initiatives that benefited the locals. One of the most popular initiatives under his name would be the transport of two hippos from an existing zoo outside Texas. These two hippos will be relocated to the newly renovated enclosure, which was funded by the Highland Capital Management. Another noteworthy his philanthropic act, would be fighting off violence against women and children, and the company donated $1 million for the creation of the shelter for those who are abused.




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