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James Dondero Contributions towards Victims of Family Violence in Dallas

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have devoted part of their money and time to philanthropy. On October 4th, 2016, Dondero who is the co-founder of the institution announced that they were awarding The Family Place a $ 1 million challenge grant. The money was meant to rally donors and well-wishers to contribute to the Legacy Campaign that sought a total of $ 2.8 million. The Family Place is an institution that supports people affected by violence in the household. The grant aimed at matching every dollar donated to the noble cause by a ratio of 50 percent up to $ 1 million.


By 7th October, The Family Place had received $ 200,000 in donations that got matched with half by Highland Capital Management charity wing. The family institution sought to collect $ 2.8 million that would enable it to reach the $ 16.5 million target. The pledge answered a call to help solve cases of family violence in Dallas. James Dondero said they were honored to partner with the community which rose to see the target attained in a year. The money contributed will construct a counselling center with 13 emergency shelter bedrooms. It will also incorporate a dental and medical clinic, a call center, and sections where the victims get training.


Statistics shows the center will provide a shelter space for over 2000 victims. Additionally, it will include animal shelter to take care of pets. The construction of this center contributes to saving lives, which otherwise would get lost due to family violence.


James Dondero brings over 30 years of experience in credit and equity market to Highland Management Capital. He is the co-founder and has instrumentally contributed to its growth. Currently, James Dondero lives in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital specialized in the development of CLO and credit-oriented solutions for investors across the globe. Today, it prides itself with products like hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds among many others.


Besides Highland Capital, Dondero is the chairman at Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank. He is also a member of the board at American Banknote and MGM Studios. To top it off, James Dondero associates with several non-profit organizations. He contributes both his resources and time to the development of education, veteran affairs, and matters of public policy.

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