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James Ahern and Matthew Eitner of Laidlaw sued by Remalda Cosmetics

Laidlaw Company has been caught up in a fresh round of controversy. This time round, a company that they were representing in 2014, Remalda Therapeutics is suing them for various damages. Remalda therapeutics is a clinical stage company that concerns itself with development of treatments and therapies for various chronic conditions. In 2014, the company wanted an investment banking firm to help them with the process. They contracted Laidlaw to perform the task and this is what has led to the problems.
The initial complaint that Remalda had launched against Laidlaw has been amended. They now state that Laidlaw still owes them fiduciary duty for some of the information that was disclosed and has caused them losses. It would seem like the payment the court had ordered Laidlaw to do wasn’t made, and Remalda Therapeutics is not too happy about it.
This is not the first time that Laidlaw is finding itself in such a situation. There was a time a few years ago when there were widespread complaints from clients about poor service delivery. The strange thing about the company is the manner in which they handle these complaints. For instance, during that case, it took the intervention of FINRA to compel the company to make the necessary adjustments for the customers who were involved in the case.
The pattern that has been established by Laidlaw is one of being less concerned than they should be about complaints from their customers. The company has already informed their clients about the looming fresh legal battle and thanked them for their understanding and continued support. They have vowed that they will do their best to make sure that the issues they have with Laidlaw are settled. As for Laidlaw, lots of changes will need to be done to their leadership if they are to earn the trust of new clients.

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