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Jack Plotkin Has Evolved the Telehealth Industry

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin has been instrumental in the advancement of the telehealth industry, acting as the CTO for Virtual Health. His efforts have made it possible to revolutionize patient care and tracking of health data with a top-notch population management and care coordination platform. Jack Plotkin took two decades after college to implement his knowledge of technology design, development, and deployment for a system that bridges the realms of consumer products, healthcare, and finance. His work is considered to be a groundbreaking part of enterprise solutions for large-scale organizations that are dealing with complex consumer populations. 

Jack Plotkin

Drastic Change in the Healthcare Field

Jack Plotkin has become a huge part of a change in the healthcare field towards using technology to track, analyze, and send data to healthcare professionals. His telehealth products have made it possible for entire teams of professionals to take a 360-degree look at patients’ backgrounds, health history, lifestyle and more. Instead of having a patient do a run-through of the equivalent of a 30-minute doctor’s appointment at home, he or she can use smart tech devices that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, activity levels, sleep patterns and other relevant bits of information.

Jack PlotkinSuch a system is a good idea for individuals who have pre-existing health conditions, of course, but also it can be extremely beneficial to someone who is relatively healthy yet may be too busy or disinterested in visiting doctors’ offices on a regular basis. With the greater complexity of this technology, healthcare professionals now can see more data than ever and be able to predict with a higher measure of success if the individual is at risk for developing certain medical conditions or having a health emergency situation.

With Jack Plotkin’s more than two decades of work at the crossroads of business and technology and his experience with advising Fortune 500 firms in healthcare and other areas, it’s clear that we have more amazing things to see from this entrepreneur.

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