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Is Biotechnology Booming?

As reported from The Wall Street Journal

Biotechnology is responsible for many innovations and cures for the use of the public. However, the business aspect of this industry is often overlooked which allows poor decisions to pervade the plans of many investors.
The biotech industry has gained more advanced companies other than older biotech companies such as Genentech and Amgen. These companies are rooted in the less explored but highly promising areas of biotechnology while still competing in the more commonly studied fields of the industry. Since 1983 the biotech industries have made many improvements in many less studied areas including cancer. The biotech industry has also seen the slow emergence of other fields including neuroscience. Scientists in these fields have been working to develop more effective ways of studying these dynamics and recording relevant data.

Despite these advancements the FDA still faces budgeting issues which many scientists believe impedes scientific progression. This information was reported recently in the wall street journal along with the news of several biotech companies changing their bases of operation. Experts have explained that these types of companies thrive in environments such as cities due to the higher rates of both company recruitment and support.

A few months ago I did a profile on biotech entrepreneur Mark Ahn. TheĀ  twenty year veteran known for being a entrepreneur,executive, and consultant in the biopharmaceutical industry. Along with his colleagues, Mark Ahn recently gave his own advice on why many budding biotech startup strategies seem to fail. Mark Ahn explained that many investors fail by investing either in the wrong product too early or the wrong company producing the product. However, Ahn explains that investing in high level research teams can assist in selecting the right products to invest in.

The biopharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and usually new products require extensively consistent funding from outside companies. This means that the companies involved can have a large degree of control over the outcome of these product’s success. the companies you that you choose to invest with can negatively or positively impact your rate of return. Investing in several small productions during their beginning phase usually becomes the most pragmatic solution. Ahn also warns against allowing current industry trends to distract from individual long term business goals. Promising innovations along with promises of success have lead many investors off their respective financial paths. Mark Ahn stresses the importance of having a solid long term plan and proper support to find success in the biotechnology industry.

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