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Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz-Granados Is Part Of Miami’s Latino Economic Boom

Miami is a boom town. The population of Miami is 70 percent, Latino. The city has a Cuban mayor, and the gross domestic product of city has never been stronger. Miami is a city where young Latinos can start businesses and be successful. Danilo Diaz-Granados is one of those people. Granados is Venezuelan by birth, and entrepreneur by design. Danilo was born to make money and to help other people make money. Miami is his home now, and he has made quite an impact on the people that know him.

Granados is a graduate of Babson College in Boston. He has a degree in economics and almost immediately he was offered a job as an associate investment advisor at Firemen Capital Partners after graduation. The job was perfect for Granados. His personality and investment skills helped clients make more money than they thought they could make. Danilo developed a following of wealthy Latino investors, and Granados was making more money than he dreamed he could make.

Danilo loved the film industry, and he had an interest in the retail business. When several of his clients told him there was a void in the Miami market for a company that could sell expensive cars, watches, jewelry, clothing and shoes in one place, Granados came up with an idea. He called his idea Toys for Boys.

The film industry was calling him. Granados started Edge of Glory Films, and he focused on the Latino community. He wanted to create Latino special interest stories and share them on film. All in all, Granados is a busy man, but he said life is good. Miami is a stepping stone to him.

Miami is a stepping stone because there are other Latino cities that could use a Toys For Boys and have stories to share. Granados businesses are thriving, and he has more ideas up his mental sleeve.

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