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Investing In Your Future with Chris Linkas

The best time to make an investment is now. Even if you are a 20 something year old college student. Younger adults do not often even give investing much of a thought unless they are thinking about how they will begin investing in the future. The truth is, the younger you are when you begin starting investments, the longer your money has time to grow and allow the investment to pay off (Cheynecapital).

I think we all can agree that your 20’s is the best time for taking risk. Investing is a risk. One of the advantages of investing while you are young is that you have time to possibly take a loss and also bounce back from that loss. There is no better time to begin gaining an expertise in investing just like what Chris did. Study the market and trends while you are young to be more a more polished investor later.

There is no denying these days that social media has taken over and become the norm. Think of just how much social media can boost your investment knowledge and accessibility. With all of the apps, websites, videos etc. at your fingertips at all times, why not use that technology in order to invest in your future! It is easier to manage investments now days with the way apps offer convenient ways of seeing how your investment is going at anytime.

When thinking about investing, the first thing that generally comes to mind for many people may be stocks. There is a lot more opportunity for things to invest in other than stocks. Some different investment areas include shipping, performing asset-backed investment, commercial real estate, renewables, non-performing loans, corporate loans, securities, secondary LP interest, and platform investments. Chris Linkas just happens to be able to guide your investment journey in any of these areas of investment.

Chris Linkas heads a European Credit Group that consist of 20 people. He has been doing so since 20012. The investment group that he leads is responsible for the UK-Euro regions’ opportunistic principal investments. The region includes Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Ireland, Scandinavia.


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