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Innovative culture of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the chief executive officer and a founding pioneer of JetSmarter company. The company is a global private company in the aviation industry. Sergey was born in Russia. He migrated to live in Florida when he was young together with his family. He is a graduate of the University of Florida. During his college life, he recognized that he had a passion in the field of technology.

Before joining JetSmarter, he helped in starting a business dealing with cloud linked software. Petrossov also pioneered the founding of many companies like LiveContact and federal system of distance education.

Sergey Petrossov won many awards like the Forbes 30 under 30 technology experts of Florida. He is ever searching for new innovative ideas. He also supported the creation of two information technology programs, a distance education project for the education institutions speaking the Russian language, and an online chatting site for digital clients. He was also an advisor of the executive team of the South Florida aviation owning a business.

During his first private flight, Petrossov realized the problems faced by the flight booking process. The mobile industry was increasing rapidly, and this made him experience how difficult it is to book private flights using technology platforms. It was out of this that he developed the idea of founding the JetSmarter firm.

He collected information with the help of his development group using past projects. Then Petrossov used his money to start the stage of planning for an application to help in connecting aviation customers with the best ranked private flights. He launched JetSmarter first version in August 2012. He then solicited for financial help to fund his project. He further went on building collaborations with many investors, and partners. With the collected help, Petrossov launched the JetSmarter Application officially in 2013.

JetSmarter was managed by a professional team of advisors whom most of them were authorized with progressive programs for Nokia, Mercedes Benz, NASA, Microsoft, and BMW. The passion and dedication of the Petrossov and his team lead to the founding of the current application known JetSmarter.

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