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Independent and Assisted Living

The Manse on Marsh provides Assisted Living and is located in the heart of of San Luis Obispo, California. The Manse is located within a few minutes walk to the local shopping, ice-cream shops, restaurants, coffee houses, bookstores, art dealers and churches. They offer upscale residence amenities to seniors in a hometown retirement community.

Based on the resident’s unique care situation and the assistance they require, the Manse offers meal reminders, medical management, grooming and bathing are determined by a point system for services only required and paid for the residents well-being. The Manse also offers fine dining at their Bistro, boasts a private theater and have a fitness and wellness center focusing on the resident’s overall well-being. Additionally, they offer personal laundry, chauffeured transportation and a Lifeline Alert system, which was a major pro when Senior Advisor reviewed them.

The staff at the Manse also take care of the day-to-day chores like cleaning, landscaping, cooking and planning meals, even setting up doctor’s appointments. There are always jobs for trained professionals available too. The staff are trained to be kind and knowledgeable, and provide clean, upscale facilities, delicious and nutritious meals and life enriching activities. Assisted living facility can help alleviate stress on the family, and provide the senior with an active, healthy, stimulating and enjoyable lifestyle at the Manse on Marsh.

The Manse Assisted Living also hosts happy hours from 3:30 pm every Friday with Live Entertainment at the Manse Assisted Living facility. Friends and family members and kids are encouraged to attend and connect with their loved ones and mingle with other family members and have fun. Wine, soda, beverages and tasty hoes-d’oeuvres are served. Usually it’s the local acoustic musicians who entertain them every week. Even members and directors social event. The facility cares deeply for these residents and love to participate and enrich their lives each and every day.

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