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Important Banking Input From A Leading M&A Institution

One of the featured panelist at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference organized by the TBA was John Holt. Holt is the President of NexBank Capital, Inc. and spoke about the importance of banking institutions taking a great leap toward social innovation. He took great effort in explaining how financial institutions should ensure future stability through community involvement.


This involvement includes mergers and acquisitions that directly and positively affect the people who are customers and clients of the institutions themselves. Bank leaders have the challenge of maintaining historic banking profiles, while integrating them with growth. The underlying truth is that organic financial growth needs to happen in concert with the thrusts of local demographics.


John Holt, is President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc., a very large financial strategy and service company. Nexbank has rooted its success in three distinct areas of finance. They are commercial finance, mortgage portfolio management, and independent organizational financing.


NexBank’s charter reaches back to 1922, but now the company boasts nearly $5 billion in assets. This amazing growth is due to the company’s mission of providing client-centric, customized financial planning and funds management. The ability to perform this service comes from a leadership team that has extraordinarily diverse banking knowledge and experience.


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