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Ikea Raising Minimum Wages

Ikea is another company raising the minimum wage amount for employees. This is just another business that finally seems to be seeing that it takes more than just a few dollars an hour in order to survive in today’s market. Sam Tabar saw on their linkedin that this is the second year in a row that the company has raised the wages for employees. Rates will now be a little over $11 an hour. Although employees will have to wait until January of 2016 for the new wage to go into effect, this gives hope to those who work for Ikea. If they are making more money working for the company, then they will likely want to continue doing the good work that is performed. Employees will be able to have a little more money to spend on the necessities in life, such as clothing, food and utilities. The extra money will also allow some families to be able to get things that are considered extras, such as a new car or improvements to the home.

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