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Igor Cornelsen, The Investment Expert

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 in a small town in South Brazil called Curitiba. Igor had accomplished a lot in the investment market back when he was working for other firms up to recently when he has his firm. Igor launched Bainbridge Investment in 1995 just after he stopped working for other firms. Igor Cornelsen had worked for institutions such as Multibanco, Unibanco, Libra Bank PLC and finally Standard Chartered Merchants Bank.

Igor’s roles varied in these institutions though they were all under finance and investments. Igor work with the mentioned firms allowed him to acquire skills, experience and more knowledge on the investment market.Igor Cornelsen made use of the acquired abilities to run Bainbridge Investments successfully. Bainbridge Investments is a large and successful organization all due to Igor’s impact in the firms. As an investor, Igor ensures that he is aware of the investment market; this allows him to function effectively.

Igor also follows up on recent news and emerging trends in the market, which enables him to work with clients in relevance to current deals. Igor makes sure that his clients are presented with facts to allow them to make wise decisions. Igor Cornelsen focuses on developing economics since it allows him to get deals at low prices and market them at high prices. Igor is different from other investors since he relies on his team to get great advice instead of working with his fellow investors.

A major problem of getting input from employees is that at the time their concepts may be afflicted by previous experiences or may be prone to biases. Igor also works on deals while putting in mind the future growth of the agreement. He always ensures that he focuses on the growth of an investment deal in the future and whether it will positively or negatively impact on a client.

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