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IAP Worldwide Purchases Business Units from DRS Technologies

Recently, it was announced that IAP Worldwide Services was acquiring the Aviation and Logistics business from DRS Technologies. IAP Worldwide Services has also purchased the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business on Hoovers. The former is located in Oklahoma City, OK and the latter at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Aviation and Logistics handle aircraft repair management, mission support services, and logistics. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions takes care of information technology, communications support, and engineering. Both of these businesses already provide services to the US Department of Defense as well as private companies. By acquiring these business arms, IAP substantially expands the breadth of its aviation capabilities.

Specifically, IAP will increase the various services it can deliver to its global customer base. It will double the number of people that IAP will be able to serve. The two businesses will be combined into a new business arm. IAP will call it Aviation and Engineering Solutions. This will be a division of IAP’s National Security Programs business. These new businesses should integrate smoothly into the other National Security Programs that IAP has offered for years. IAP thanked its investors and leadership board for its support in completing this acquisition. The acquisition will help government agencies and private organizations alike.

IAP Worldwide Services’ technology has proved useful on a global scale. They coordinate logistics for everything from natural disasters to international battlefields. Their programs are responsible for military installations, research laboratories, and major cities. With more than 2,000 employees, IAP is one of the largest logistics companies in the world. IAP’s mission is to make sure its customers are prepared for the most unexpected of events. Its software was responsible for the quick government responses to Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian Earthquake, and the various interventions in the Middle East. Ready at a moment’s notice, IAP Worldwide makes sure that military and disaster personnel have the latest technology available on iapws.com.

IAP Worldwide was founded over 60 years ago. It provides international services to the US Government, international agencies, and private companies. Its services encompass a wide range of technological programs on clearancejobs.com. It offers program management, information technology, and security programs. It focuses on offering safe, reliable, and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs its customers have. It is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida and has branches in over 100 locations spread across 20 countries. IAP serves has a shining example for the rest of the logistics industry.

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