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Human Rights Campaign Innovations are Key for Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activism community has largely been turned on its head by the work of Thor Halvorssen and the small staff he works alongside at the Human Rights Foundation as Thor looks for new ways of getting across the points he believes are important to those affected by human rights abuses and citizens of free countries. Mr Halvorssen and a staff that rarely rises above 12 trusted individuals have discovered new ways and innovations that make it easier for them to communicate directly with individuals living under the totalitarian rule of the North Korean Kim dictatorship.

Among the many areas the Human Rights Foundation has discovered over the course of recent years to work with leading campaigns against the North Korean regime and other dictatorships has been the use of flash drives filled with information that can be quickly and easily smuggled across borders. technology is always of use, but Thor Halvorssen’s group has gone so far as to use drones to cross the borders of nations including North Korea to drop leaflets containing information not always known to the people living within closed societies.

Although Thor Halvorssen has become a major part of the work of many different groups in the human rights community the University of Pennsylvania graduate has looked for new ways of involving the next generation in activism. The Children’s Peace Movement classes Thor as a patron involved in their work linking young people in various parts of Europe with those living in war torn areas of the Middle East.

Making sure each and every person has the chance to learn as much as possible about the human rights abuses taking place across the planet has included Thor Halvorssen streaming the discussions and talks taking place at the Oslo Freedom Forum Online make it simpler than ever for any person to understand some of the problems facing global citizens.


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