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How to Make Your CV Better

It is good to update your CV now and then. With adding the most recent achievements everything is clear. As for the ‘skills’ section, people often take long time to decide what to include there. The HR employees recognize that there are some words that figure so often among the skills lists in the Resumes that they become irrelevant. Skills like responsible, quick learner, good communication skills don’t tell much and are present in everyone’s CV they said.

Pros like Igor Cornelsen (facebook.com) agree that the worse terms to use areĀ ‘various’ or ‘different’. Having worked at ‘various projects’ for a company is non-descriptive and only makes the CV readers believe that all that was unimportant. It is best to mention the field and the number of the projects at least, if it is needed to be short.

Those who think that they original by adding ‘futurist’, ‘visionary’, mastermind’ to their CV will be disappointed, as the recruiters consider that arrogant. Of course it depends on the person who examines the CV too, as some may still like that.

The indicator of having obsolete knowledge is the use of ‘problem solver’, which for the recruiters indicates a person who is older and does not possess strong skills in one domain but can only be useful at general non-specialized tasks.

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