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How Ted Bauman Helps People Take Control Of Their Financial Destiny

Ted Bauman was raised on the eastern shores of Maryland. He moved to South Africa after getting his bachelor’s degree and then attended the University of Cape Town. After earning postgraduate degrees in both history and economics he entered the nonprofit sector. for 25 years he worked as a fund manager at nonprofits that focused on building housing for those with low-incomes. One organization he was a founder of was Slum Dwellers International. During his time working for this charity it built housing for over 14 million low-income people in 35 separate nations.

A number of years ago Ted Bauman moved back to the United States and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in 2013 that he joined the company he now works for, Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes three financial publications aimed at people who want a low-risk way to invest their money and who also want to protect their assets. His Alpha Stock alert helps people find safe ways to invest while The Bauman Letter is all about taking control of your own financial destiny. He draws on his life living in South Africa with the publication Plan B Club which is aimed at expatriate’s of America who want to avoid wealth confiscation by the U.S. federal government. Read more at ezinearticles.com about Ted Bauman

It’s Ted Bauman’s assertion that the global economy is only set up for the largest businesses to succeed. People, he says, are finally waking up to the fact that the global economy is rigged. He says that Western governments have set up a financial strategy that doesn’t make any sense for the vast majority of people and businesses. He’s particularly concerned with how little regulation there is of financial products sold by people who are legally able to put their own interests first.

Over the course of his career, Ted Bauman has learned that time management is essential He says that years ago he didn’t recognize that he had portions of the day where he was by far at his most productive. He now makes sure he gets to work early each day because the mornings are where he can accomplish the most for his readers.

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