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How Solo Capital’s Founder, Sanjay Shah, Supports Autism Research.

Sanjay Shah is a renowned business magnate and a philanthropist. The Solo Capital and Autism Rocks founder recently had an interview with Erick Dye, who hosts a show for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The show gives an opportunity for entrepreneurs and SME owners to get business advice, inspiration, knowledge, information and major live event streaming for great business people across the world. Mr. Shah spoke on various topics during the interview, which included how he formed Solo Capital, how to become a successful business owner, factors that influenced the creation of Autism Rocks and what people should expect from the Autism Rock’s 2016 charity concert.

Shah created the Autism Rocks after his son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011 at the age of four years old. The organization assists in raising funds that help in the research on autism and creating awareness on the disease. Their major way of raising the money is through holding concerts, which have so far featured many artists such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Lenny, the late Prince and some famous DJs. Prince performed at the organization’s first concert in 2014. Autism is a neurological disorder that causes lifetime developmental difficulties that are characterized by the inability to communicate properly and problems in having proper social relationships. One in every 68 children is affected each year, and there has been a thirty percent increase in the number of children diagnosed with the disease since 2012.

Autism Rock’s April 2016 concert was a family event that was filled with a lot of festivities and had performances from Florida and Tyga. More information on future Autism Rocks concerts can be found on the organization’s website. Sanjay has significantly facilitated the raising funds to help in understanding autism since it is a life changing disorder.

Solo Capital is a London-based brokerage company that is regulated by the U.K government. It was incorporated in September 2011, and its essential skills are in professional sports assets, property trading and consultations. The company’s assets were worth 67.45 million pounds, and its net worth and cash flows were 15.45 and 30.26 million pounds respectively by the end of March 2015. The company is also known as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited.

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