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Rick Shintos Career Background




Rick Shinto is a prominent figure in the healthcare sector. He has a lot of experience in the industry and has changed so many lives. He has over 20 years experience as a pulmonologist. Rick’s first job was in Southern California whereby he worked as an intern and later went to Medpartners where he worked as the company’s vice president. Then, Rick moved to Cal Optimal Health Plan which was located in California. He became the company Senior Medical Officer. Rick also worked as the chief medical officer of Pathways Management Company and then became the officer response meant of healthcare management at NAMM which was also based in Califonia.




In 2008, Rick Shinto got another job at Aveta Inc. whereby he started to work as the management staff and then rising to the position of a Chief Executive Officer. The company was sold in 2012 whereby he decided to quit the company. Today, he happens to be serving as the President of the Innovative Health Care which he has been able to work with passion and motivation towards career success. He received an award for the most coveted Entrepreneur in June 2012.




Penelope Career




Penelope Kokkinides is a very qualified professional who is very innovative when it comes to matters clinical programs. She has a lot of experience in the industry and has been in the industry for the last 20 years. She is also lucky to have proper business management skills that have enabled him to run his business properly. For more details visit openminds.com





Penelope Kokkinides expertise ranges from Medicare, Government programs and even Medicaid plan. She was the chief managing officer of Centerlight HealthCare and was responsible for the overall running of the company’s healthcare division. She also worked for the famous TouchStone Health as the company’s operations head as we; as the United Health business united. Penelope also once worked at Innovative Healthcare as the company’s chief operating officer. She was appointed at the company in June 2015. Her first position was that of the Chief Administrative Officer. Check out Crunchbase for more.




Innovative HealthCare




Innovative healthcare is a Northern American based corporation which works towards the provision of affordable healthcare through its innovative programs; Medicare Advantage Programs and also Provider Networks. The company uses the power of technology towards offering high end and affordable healthcare products. It is the regional leader when it comes to matters healthcare and has managed to change the lives of so many people across the entire globe.


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