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How Perry Mandera Is Helping Chicago’s Youth

Perry Mandera has been successful in his logistics and transport career, but he got off to quite a different start than many others in the industry. Straight out of high school, he joined the Marines and began working on transporting a large number of supplies and operational equipment. As it turns out, he had quite a knack for it, and he became well known as being efficient and accurate. Eventually, Perry Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marines and returned to civilian life.

Once back, he realized that he had a deep love for the logistics and transportation industry. Because of that, he founded his own company, The Custom Companies Inc. Mr. Mandera used his innovation and skills from the Marines to launch and grow the business, and it became successful by the time he was 25. However, he then became known for his charitable efforts and set up a division with his company to take care of its philanthropic efforts. Perry Mandera probably is best known for working with a variety of children’s charities across Chicago.

Over the past few years, he’s worked with the likes of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, where he’s an active board member. The charity runs a variety of programs and events dedicated to improving the quality of life for children across Chicago. Over time, Mr. Mandera not only donates financially but has actively given his time and other resources to ensure that a variety of non-profits create as much of an impact as possible. Aside from working with children’s charities, Perry Mandera is well known for working with charities that best reflect his values (Bing).

One of the biggest things that he’s drawn into his philanthropic efforts has been his faith, and as such he’s donated to a variety of Catholic charities over the past few years. Perry Mandera also works with charities that reflect other values that are important to him. Because of that, he’s helped a variety of non-profits. Some of these include the likes of the University of Chicago Medical Center, Catholic Charities USA, and the Lynn Sage Foundation. He’s also helping to fundraise for many of these charities.

Follow up for more information on Mandera´s charity projects at https://www.linkedin.com/in/perrymmandera

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