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How Mark Holyoake Finds Investment Opportunities In Food Processing

British businessman Mark Holyoake is an international investor and owner of Oakvest Holdings. He focuses on residential and commercial real estate and the food sector in Europe and the UK. He is best known for his investment in Iceland Seafood International. Late last year, Holyoake sold some of his shares which he was happy to do as part of a transformation to make the company more profitable even though Holyoake has a hands-on management style to minimize risk and maximize returns for property investments.

In an interview, Holyoake said it was important to surround yourself with capable, smart people, which is fortunate since he believes is only perusing an idea if there is a common commitment among his team. Holyoake prefers a workplace where people feel valued and integral to the company’s success.

A typical day for Holyoake starts early in the morning when it is quiet at work. He answers emails and plans out his day, prioritizing his time. He uses the latest technology to remain productive on the go as well. Despite his busy schedule, Holyoake makes sure he has time to spend with his family.

Holyoake finds the trend of people watching what they eat exciting. As companies develop healthier foods, it presents exciting opportunities for investors. He also believes the turmoil from Brexit will present exciting investment options for investment firms with capital on hand.

Mark Holyoake admits he has had failures, however, he’s learned from his mistakes. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is one person Holyoake admires as an entrepreneur because he also has made mistakes but he was persistent and became successful.


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