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How Malcolm CasSelle Will Change Virtual Asset Exchange With WAX

Worldwide Asset Exchange, the brainchild of Malcolm CasSelle, has recently announced a new cryptocurrency which promises to help revolutionize the industry of digital asset exchange. For many years now virtual asset exchanges occurred on centralized marketplaces which allowed users from across the world to exchange virtual goods. At the beginning of the virtual exchange industry, centralized marketplaces were revolutionary however over time has become more and more than that there are several critical issues associated with the use of centralized technology. Malcolm CasSelle has recognized an opportunity to utilize the new and exciting technology that powers bitcoin, the blockchain, in an effort to help eliminate these issues from the virtual asset exchange industry.

Malcolm CasSelle has worked in the technology and digital industries for a number of years. He has served several key leadership positions in numerous technology companies. He was serving as the chief executive officer for Timeline Labs in 2015 whenever Seachange International acquired the company. During the corporate acquisition, he was allowed to join Seachange International and serve as the company’s senior vice president and general manager of the digital media division. He has also been known to be a successful venture capitalist and has invested during the early stages of several prominent Internet companies. Most famous of these investments have been in Facebook and Zynga during their early stages of development. All of this experience together has given Malcolm CasSelle unique opportunity to have the first-hand experience in the realm of digital asset exchange.

By using the culmination of all of his expertise and knowledge has fueled the development of a new cryptocurrency which is known as waxed. These tokens will be used as a store of value that is common amongst players of video games around the world. By utilizing this cryptocurrency, gamers around the world be able to trade items is in a common store of value. No longer will players need to go to facilitate transactions needlessly raising the price of doing business. Additionally, Worldwide Asset Exchange is based on decentralized technology making the entire process much more secure as there is no centralized server that holds user data which can act as a target for hackers.


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