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How ClassDojo Is Transforming Classrooms Around The World

ClassDojo is a smartphone app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It is used in classrooms for kids from kindergarten through 8th grade around the world. The app helps to create a classroom community and keep parents well informed of what is happening in school and how their children are doing. It’s a big improvement over the old method of having a parent-teacher conference once a year, or twice for children who need it.

As a free app, ClassDojo helps teachers by allowing them to easily share what is going on with the parents of their students. They can quickly and easily share text, pictures, and video of things going on in their classrooms as well as projects that the student are engaged in. Parents can give feedback and ask questions. This ultimately helps kids learn as when a parent is fully engaged in their child’s learning it very often leads to better educational outcomes.

The people behind ClassDojo recognize that every classroom is different. The app that they have designed enables teachers to customize it to fit the particular needs of their class and students. It is now used in about 90% of schools all across the United States. It is also used in 180 countries around the world. It has been translated into more than 35 different languages as well.

ClassDojo has received numerous awards since it was released. Among these is the 2011 Education Innovation Award which was given to ClassDojo by the NBC Today Show. The innovative founders of the company were honored by Forbes in 2012 when they were given the 30 under 30: Education recognition. In 2017, ClassDojo was recognized by Inc. as one of the 25 Most Disruptive Companies in the United States.

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