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How Alastair Borthwick Revolutionized TV Writing

In 2003, the world lost one of the most talented media personalities of the last century. In a 2006 piece by the BBC; Alastair Borthwick redefined various things in the world of communications and media. He was one of the few professionals — in the last century — that saturated media outlets with stories of hope, love, and determination. The following are some of the Borthwick’s contributions in this space.

First, the media pundit penned some of the most exciting bodies of work. He wrote stories at the time where the world was going through wars, diseases, and loss of hope. However, Alastair Borthwick stories had the following characteristics. His work, for example, told simple stories but from an interesting perspective. Borthwick’s stories also helped the world to understand Rutherglen — his home town. Finally, all his works are part of the curriculums in the world — thanks to his brilliant storytelling techniques. 

Second, he is one of the people that introduced creativity to television writing. Before his time on TV, most of the commercials and dramas were too conservative and less entertaining. However, Alastair Borthwick changed the scope of writing to introduce humor on the scripts. Thanks to this contribution, mass media has overtaken other modes of entertainment. Many pundits believe that his writings exhibited a lot of determination in redefining the status quo. 

Thirdly, he understood his obligation as a journalist as far as informing the world is concerned. Although Alastair Borthwick main goal was to create inspiring stories and to motivate his readers to push more, he was a truth-teller. Borthwick nevertheless understood the importance of telling real stories without distorting facts. Thanks to this approach, he is on a list of people that redefined journalism at the age where fake news defined world politics. 

Finally, all his works have one similarity — research. Alastair Borthwick believed that for any work to meet the consumption criteria, it had to be a masterpiece. Through this approach, he created some of the best practices of the last century. Research is a broad term in this niche, but he concentrated into two main types of inquiries — what viewers want and more importantly, which approach helps in passing the message better.


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