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Honey Birdete the Global Sensual Brand

Honey Birdete is the sensual women wear brand that makes the women of all ages seductive in whatever setting. The brand was introduced by Eloise Monaghan back in Australia. It has since that time spread its wings to other continents where it is received with ecstasy and optimism.
When he opened a retail outlet in Brisbane, Eloise had no idea that within no time he would be in Europe and America. Albeit he had a big vision for the brand, he did not envision the fast speed it would grow as being an entrepreneur he knew some venture take time to pick. However, Honey Birdete became a household name within a short period. Women used word of mouth to spread the news concerning the outlet. Consequently, many sales were made in Australia and also outside the country. Having an international population, many people spread the word even outside the country, leading to international sales. Moreover, the social media presence of the brand also made the company receive orders from many outside nations. Honey Birdete had become a global brand within a short span of its introduction.
After opening several retail outlets in Australia, Honey Birdete spread its wings to U.K., where its first store was set in Covenant Garden. The high success led the firm to open more stores, and the management is currently on the ground in the nation to open ten more stores this year. By next year they also intend to have opened approximately 40 stores in the UK.
The U.S sales also increased so much, making Eloise open an e- commerce store there just recently. In the last one year, the sales to America were up to 374%. The above led Eloise to consider the markets un-ignorable. To meet the higher demand he also intends to open some retail outlets in America this year and others next year.

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