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Highland Scoring High in Healthcare

A recent PR Newswire article proves that hard work and diligence pays off in spades. Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management won accolades and recognition by scoring a HFM Hedge Fund Performance Award. This is in no small part to the company’s leadership which includes Michael Gregory and James Dondero. Winning an award in the “40 Act Fund’ category is yet another mark on Highland’s long list of achievements.

Outperforming peers in hedge fund analytics Highland Capital Management scored high by judges based on data based on one, three, and five year terms. Keeping 3 billion dollars in healthcare assets the category is a large priority for Highland. This sector of Highland is managed by Michael Gregory who overs sees near a dozen health sector specialists it is of little surprise that Highland was able gain recognition with its Long/Short Healthcare fund. The PR article, found here, quotes Jim Dondero in praising both Highland’s Healthcare division and Michael Gregory’s expertise.
James Dondero has established himself in the business world as a leader and innovator. Jim is a businessman who manages over 21 billion dollars in assets. Founding Highland Capital Management in 1993 is only one milestone for Jim in long list of achievements.
Graduating from the University of Virginia began Jim’s 30 year career. Prior to Higland, Dondero managed Protective Life’s 2 billion dollars in assets. In addition to Highland Capital Management Jim also serves on several different boards, including MGM Studios. A true entrepreneur of the business world, he was also an early adopter of the Collateralized Loan Obligation system.
HFM recognized James Dondero’s leadership and Michael Gregory’s health sector knowledge by awarding Highland Capital Management the Long/Short Healthcare Award. Judging the company through a number of perquisites Highland scored an award in the category. Once more Highland remains on track for being a recognizable leader in a number of business ventures.

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