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Higher Minimum Wage and Its Effect on Restaurants

When it comes time to go out to eat those who are paid a minimum wage might feel that the restaurant that they want to eat at is out of their budget. Those who are paid the minimum wage might feel that things would be better for them if the minimum wage was raised and they were offered the opportunity to earn a better income. The effect, though, that a higher minimum wage would have on a restaurant would possibly keep certain restaurants out of reach of those earning a minimum income, anyway.

It seems to Boraie Development and the folks at blog.nj.com that a higher minimum wage may lead to issues when it comes to restaurants. When a restaurant is forced to pay all of their employees more than they currently earn that restaurant needs more money. When a restaurant needs to increase the wage of their minimum wage workers they also need to increase the wage of their more experienced workers in order to keep things fair. This could lead to problems. A higher minimum wage could lead to higher prices at the restaurants that everyone loves, and this won’t help anyone.

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