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Here’s Where Avi Weisfogel Went Since Leaving Old Bridge

Dr. Avi Weisfogel no longer sits in the dentist’s seat of Old Bridge Dental Care because he’s doing something new at Dental Sleep Masters. He started up DSM in 2014 to do research into sleep science and how he could help patients achieve better sleep results through using mouth and neck support devices. So far DSM has been a great success with dentists and doctors around the world and Weisfogel is excited about where things are going. Ideamensch caught up with Weisfogel and asked him a little more about his current work.


Weisfogel told Ideamensch that he had had some background in marketing and saw a niche that few dentists and medical professionals had dived into when he founded DSM. He said one of the most important factors in his success is having an established routine in his work that starts in the early morning with prayer and has organized events throughout the day. In fact, Weisfogel does all the scheduling and planning himself so he is always active in note taking to stay on top of things and generate ideas. Weisfogel said the one thing he would do over again if he had the chance is “be more humble” in the way he did things.


Avi Weisfogel is a proud lifelong resident of New Jersey and his interest in medicine came in part from his father who was a cardiologist. Weisfogel earned acceptance to Rutgers where he pursued interests in biology and psychology and got his bachelor’s degree. He decided to go to the NYU College of Dentistry and get his DDS a few years later. In 1999 he became a licensed dentist and opened up an office in Edison, NJ prior to moving to Old Bridge and opening Old Bridge Dental Care.


Weisfogel impressed many of his patients during the years he practiced dentistry and even was known as one of New Jersey’s best in the practice. But soon he got tired of the same routine and decided to pursue his new fascination of sleep treatment. It began with Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010, moved to Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and became Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Weisfogel is also an avid hockey fan and loves putting together music playlists.

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