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Handy Offers Tipping Option To Customers

Everyone is talking about the topic of tipping. Restaurant owners are finding that paying their wait staff more on the hour and not allowing tips is a move in the right direction. However, the famous housecleaning company Handy is adding the tipping option to their app.

They are one of the few, if not the only company that uses an app for their housecleaning services. Now, they want their customers to be able to show their cleaners what a great job they have done. By allowing them to add a tip, they can show their gratitude. Customers have always been able to pay using the app, but now they can use their phone’s app to give extra to the workers.

What made Handy decide to make such a drastic move? Well, their customers were tipping before, but it was mostly done through cash transactions. By allowing them to tip through the app, it’s just a cleaner way to keep track of things. Oisin Hanrahan is the CEO at Handy. He started the company with his 2 roommates when they were at Harvard Business School. The company was doing great right from the start, and in 2012, he dropped out of school to pursue his dream. Their gamble has definitely paid off. Handy has seen exponential growth over the past three years and recently received another $50 million in funding just this July.

What makes Handy so different? Well, his workers each earn about $18 per hour. They work like other firms who offer on-demand style working. Handy keeps 20 percent of the earnings, but that doesn’t include tips. During the beta testing for the new tipping feature, they saw that customers were more inclined to give a tip when they had the digital option. So many people don’t carry cash these days, and many of the workers really deserve the tips they get. Plain and simple, more people will tip since the option is available. Other sites like Uber already use this option and have favorable reports from the addition. It’s just another way that Handy continues providing services for their customers.

With salaries of $18 an hour plus tips, it seems that cleaning houses may be one of the more lucrative careers around.

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