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Greg Secker; Learn Forex Trading Secrets From The Best

Greg Secker is an accomplished entrepreneur, forex trade expert, public speaker, and a philanthropist. Mr. Secker owns multiple business ventures including Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index which are all under the Knowledge to Action Group that he initiated in 2003. Additionally, Greg also owns The Greg Secker Foundation, an NGO aimed at enhancing the lives of less- fortune people and communities across the universe. During an interview with Ideamensch, Mr. Secker shed light on his career to being a top forex trader coach and his desire to help others succeed.

Greg Secker explains that the desire to start the First UK trader coaching school was born out of his desire to motivate other persons with the relevant tools needed for them to make money so that they could decide whether they wanted employment or not. Furthermore, Greg explains that he had gained the relevant trading experience from his time working in the United States and he felt that the market did not have competent system teaching individuals the particulars of technical trading.

Most of Greg’s days are different with varying activities that mostly include working from home and traveling when he has to speak at a seminar. Mr. Secker brings his ideas to life by having a pre-vision of it. He explains that by so doing, his brain gets the chance to cover the steps several times before actually doing it, which helps eliminate errors in execution.

Greg explains that he is fascinated with how technology has managed to bring about freedom of thought, choice, reverse auction, competition, and a more collaborative economy through sharing of ideas, principles, and beliefs. Mr. Secker’s advice to other entrepreneurs is that one should take their time to think as it will help them make a good idea even better.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker started his professional career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after which he shifted to work in foreign exchange at Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD was purely an online real-time foreign exchange platform that enabled clients to receive real-time quotes for significant forex dealings. He later went to become a VP of Mellon Financial Corporation, a renowned investment bank in the US.

After leaving Mellon, he decided to establish Learn to Trade in London, and the company has since expanded operations to South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. Because of a successful career, Greg has attended numerous seminars and workshops where he has spoken on forex trading including those organized by leading media outlets like Bloomberg and CNBC. This has made him be recognized internationally as a speaker.

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