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Great Coffee for Great Results

Bulletproof Coffee provides coffee like no-other! Often compared to a delicious creamy latte, this innovative “clean coffeedeveloped by Dave Asprey tastes superb and it is free from dangerous chemicals. It contains butter from the milk of cows which are grass-fed, triglyceride MCT oil (stems from coconut oil and has the ability to increase brain function and metabolism) and some collagen which produces radiant skin and a boost of energy.

Fans of Bulletproof Coffee are steadily making their own cup of this coffee simply by using whole coffee beans, grinder, butter, MCT oil, milk-frother and their favorite coffee maker. Individuals can also download a Bulletproof Executive podcast from “biohacker” (an individual combining technology and science to ensure an efficient body) Dave Asprey that provides his very own Bulletproof coffee recipe. This download also helps one to learn more about healthy fats, eating a diet without dairy and grains, in addition to having access to products such as Asprey’s low-toxin coffee, MCT oil, heart rate sensors and more.

To satisfy growing customers, in the spring of 2015, a Bulletproof Coffee cafe opened in Santa Monica California. This café implements a brew system that is digitally monitored along with using metal coffee filters (similar to the French Press coffee pour-over technique). This method allows accurate measurement for pressure, temperature and time, ensuring that guests have a cup of coffee like no other served by Bulletproof’s professional “coffee hackers” or baristas. The unique ingredients in this coffee helps to stimulate your brain, create steady energy levels and help the body burn fat. Since a cup of Bulletproof coffee is about 450 calories and actually “a meal replacement,” the café does not offer any breakfast items, however they do offer healthy lunch items and a great variety of supplements. This cup of coffee is actually quite satisfying, its creamy, leaves drinkers with a satisfying feeling that actually suppresses hunger, so many individuals have found they have lost weight and can easily keep the weight off.

Recently actress Shailene Woodley was on the Jimmy Fallon Show and stated how delicious Bulletproof Coffee can change one’s life for the better. Billboard.com recently noted that many celebrities are on board with this coffee trend. Not only does it taste great but is good for your brain, can add to one’s happiness, your taste buds and stomach will enjoy it and actually lessens your appetite by using “healthy fat’s.” Not bad for a cup of coffee!

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