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Graham Edwards: Instrumental in the Success of Telereal

Graham Edwards has been working with Telereal Trillium Ltd for several years now. The company is specializing on the management of commercial properties and other assets in the market. They are also providing investment products and services to their clients, and many people have trusted the company because of their positive reputation that they tirelessly built up since their establishment in 1997. Initially, the London based company was founded and was given the name Trillium. As the company grew, there were a lot of merger contracts that are being offered, and in 2000, Trillium finally agreed to be acquired by Land Securities, one of the leading financial institutions that time. Land Securities handled the company well, albeit several overhauls conducted to make sure that the company will be providing only the best quality of service for their clients. Soon after, Trillium had to change their brand name, and it transformed to become Telereal Trillium Ltd.


Throughout the history of Telereal Trillium Ltd, several restructuring procedures have undergone. According to the board of directors, it is very important for the company to undergo restructuring because it would help the management in determining who the best person to lead will be. During the last restructuring of the company, Graham Edwards was selected to become the CEO. The board of directors has reconsidered his excellent background in the field of financial management, and Graham Edwards Telereal promised that he will continue the excellent growth pattern of the company.


Graham Edwards immediately showed his competence in leading the company. Recently, he had to sign a deal with another company which would allow the transfer of more than 6,700 units of properties under the ownership of Telereal Trillium Ltd. The whole deal cost £2.4 billion, and it was one of the largest property transactions in the history of the company. Because of the sale, the value of Telereal Trillium Ltd rose, and many investors have started purchasing their stock because of its potential. The performance of Graham Edwards is a testament that he is serious in transforming the Telereal Trillium Ltd into one of the leading firms in the industry (http://www.foundationforjewishheritage.com/bio-edwards.html).



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