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Glen Wakeman Offers Tools for Success

Glen Wakeman is a top-notch financial services industry leader. During his expansive business management career, Wakeman has a proven track record in business development and is a highly sought out mentor to rising entrepreneurs.

With unwavering business acumen, Wakeman has been instrumental in positively transforming multi-billion dollar corporations whose employee bases have exceeded 17,000 workers.

The University of Chicago MBA graduate has a passion for building businesses by improving the companies’ and individuals’ relationships and involvement with each other. His business specialties include start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and downsizing.

During his career, which has exceeded two decades, Wakeman has worked in 32 countries and lived in six. His experiences lead him to build a methodology based on five key principles of performance. They are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance.

Wakeman is also the founder and CEO of Launch LaunchPad Holdings, a software company which provides services that helps new entrepreneurs implement their business plans.

His successes in his own ventures have many aspiring entrepreneurs using the software, known as LaunchPad Toolkit (http://glenwakeman.wikidot.com/).

LaunchPad Toolkit has national prominence and continues gaining momentum, earmarking yet another success for Wakeman. Within his organization, which he started in 2015, Wakeman proudly demonstrates strategies that he was taught or learned along the way that lead companies to sustainable growth. This includes mapping out business plans, customized to individual goals.

Wakeman does this proudly as he says he was the product of excellent mentoring programs and attributes much of his success to the resources he was provided from the connections he made when starting out.

Wakeman is also quick to point out that mentees also provide an invaluable contribution to their own success by remaining open to receive consultation and being engaging with their mentors (Linkedin). He also stresses to mentees, the importance of them learning every aspect of their business and involving the non-management personnel in the process as well. Wakeman believes having a workforce that understands the business will undoubtedly forge positive working relationships within the organization.


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