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Glen Wakeman: Man Behind LaunchPad Holdings

During his career, Mr. Glen Wakeman was recognized for his ability to teach and entrepreneurial skills. He is considered one of the strongest business pioneers of his time as he was able to create successful M&A transactions, provide insightful advice for startup companies, and teach new strategies for his clients.

At present, he is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a Software as a Service provider which started in 2015 (http://blogwebpedia.com/ceo-glen-wakeman-demands.html#.WgYyXbaZOqA).

Mr. Glen Wakeman graduated with a Masters of Business Administration majoring in Finance, and also a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has a plethora of previous experiences, as he held positions in Nova Four, another company he founded. He also worked in GE capital as one of the heads. A lot of his roles involved developing business, higher administration, Board of Directors, and P&L.

Mr. Wakeman is popular for his widely adapted 5-step methodology in business. This strategy involves making calculated risks, allocating human capital, meaning leadership, and proper administration of the business. As a successful investor, Glen Wakeman is able to capture his audience by providing helpful insights regarding business management, economics, and leadership strategies. He uses his previous experience with marketing and management to teach his business owner readers to focus on adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of business.

At present, Mr. Wakeman has participated in several global business events. His prominent leadership skills enabled him to be an authoritative figure in areas such as learning how to raise capital for businesses, international financing, and angel investing. His passion for these areas of study has been proven because of his strong work ethic and how he handles those under him. Glen Wakeman now is currently going back and forth 6 countries to run businesses in 30 areas internationally.

Since then, Mr. Wakeman believes in cultivating ideas and finding how they can become profitable. He knows that a lot of great ideas come from startup businesses, so he wanted to help these business owners make good decisions to lead to success. He saw that the failure rates for startups are high, and he wanted to eradicate that statistic and help in the overall economy of the startup market. Mr. Wakeman educates new entrepreneurs that although having a great idea is a start, all businesses should have a solid plan. This was the birth of his SaaS company called LaunchPad Holdings, which helped businesses make sound plans to ensure maximum success and overall profit in the long run.


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