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Glen Wakeman, a Renowned Entrepreneur

Glen Wakeman is a well-celebrated entrepreneur. He has led and transformed businesses across the globe. The highly successful financial services executive has held many positions in various companies ranging from a board member, investor, executive mentor, public company CEO to small business owner. The prominent businessman has used different methods to improve on various companies, his significant activities to transform organizations includes downsizing, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, integrations and new market entry among other activities.

Glen Wakeman started his path of greatness by enrolling at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania where he graduated with Bachelor of Science in economics and finance in 1981. In 1991 he joined the University of Chicago where he received his masters of business administration degree. During his school time, Glen realized he had passion in the business world which he later joined and thrived.

Glen got an opportunity to join General Electric where he served for 21 years. His experience and knowledge background not only led to business thriving in General electric but also gave him an opportunity to experience several exciting adventures. During his tenure in the organization, he had a chance to live in Asia, South America, and Europe for more than 15 years. During this period he had increased amount of responsibilities as he acquired different positions such as regional manager, operations manager, country manager, technology manager among other distinct areas.

While he served the GE Company, it grew more than 1000 branches and over 17000 employees. He played several roles including the signing of various partnerships. Glen took the last job in GE as the CEO of GE Money Latin America where he built a nine-country operation from grassroots to the top and was a success (Ideamensch).

Glen has a passion for improving businesses and individual agility by using a well-proven methodology that helps to assess and enhance various keys performance dimensions such as leadership, risk management, human capital, governance, and execution. Currently, Glen is the founder and the CEO of LaunchPad holdings which is an entirely automated software service. The organization primarily helps young entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into a workable plan. Glen received a national and international award for his dedication to corporate social responsibilities and leadership. He also founded of Nova Four which provides advice and access to capital.


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