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Gino Pozzo Breathed New Life Into Watford L.C., One of England’s Premier Teams

He comes from a family that has football in its blood. Gino Pozzo, born in Italy, is today among the most recognized figures within the U.K.’s thriving and robust football sector. He is the owner of Watford F.C., the beloved professional club located in Watford, Hertfordshire. The club plays in the top division of England’s professional leagues.

Watford F.C. is a venerable club with a deep pedigree. Its origins can be traced to 1881 which includes the club’s antecedent, the Watford Rovers. It was established as the Watford Football Club in 1898. One of the club’s former famous chairman was rock star Elton John.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford club in 2012. Gino was living in Spain at the time where he was deeply involved with the Granada F.C. team, also owned by the Pozzo family. Upon acquisition of Watford, Gino moved with his family to focus his attention on the family’s latest athletic acquisition.

Deeply intelligent and an innovative thinker, Gino Pozzo earned a master’s degree at Harvard University. His passion for football was ignited when his father, Gianpaolo Pozzo, purchased the Udinese F.C., the team of the Pozzo family’s hometown in Italy.

Gino is considered the “mastermind” behind his family’s long association with football. Gino Pozzo developed a wide reputation as a man who could take a struggling team in poor financial condition and transform it into a thriving competitor that could attract the enthusiasm of a wide fan base.

That was the case with Watford F.C. at the time the Pozzo family came into the picture. The glory years of the team in the 1980s had long-since fizzled. The team was heavily in debt and struggling to climb out of the Fourth Division. Gino Pozzo worked his magic on the team. Within four years it was a Premier League club and thriving financially.

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