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Get What You Need With Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a man that is very well-known and well heard of in the city of Orlando Florida. The law offices of Dan Newlin and his team are known as a team of super lawyers. Dan Newlin Began working in law when he was only 20 years old. He was able to work at the police department and the fire department of Indiana as well. Soon he moved on to get a position in the Sheriffs office and he was able to serve there as a sheriff detective for around 10 years.

Dan Newlin really had an affinity towards law and justice. He worked with different police departments and in different areas such as theft, narcotics, and even the fugitive division. Dan Newlin decided that he wanted to go to law school in 1997, and he went on to graduate in the year 2000. Dan decided that he was going to start up his own practice, and he has had nothing but success ever since he started. Dan’s principle is simple, that people deserve to get justice after something unfair happens in their lives. For that reason he currently serves as a personal injury lawyer.

There are many people that have been injured be it physically, mentally, or emotionally by accidents. These are people that deserve retribution for the pain-and-suffering that they have gone through, and they also deserve retribution for things such as time lost from work, personal injuries, the loss of the use of a vehicle, and much much more. Dan Newlin got his name as a trustworthy lawyer, because he has been able to help his clients recover over $150 million. These are people that have been victims of accidents, and they know exactly where to turn to for assistance.

Dan Newlin works with a team of highly experienced attorneys, and apart from that there are over 75 employees that work for his firm as well. They deal with things such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, and medical negligence. Since Dan Newlin is working with a team of very well trained and experienced individuals, they have helped hundreds of their clients to get exactly what they deserve. When it comes to a personal injury lawyer, Dan Newlin is really the one that hundreds of people have gone to. He helps them to get what they deserve, and he fights for their rights.

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