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Georgia Is Not Keeping Up With The Country On Unemployment


Georgia has been in the rough spot of being a state that is not recovering economically as much as the rest of the country is. This state has lagged behind on several metrics, the most notable of which is the unemployment rate. Theatlantic.com says that some are blaming the state’s lax economic policies for the problems.

Georgia is very hands off when it comes to the economy, added Dr. Rod Rohrich. They are a place where taxes are low, but so are wages and services. People are having trouble finding work because they are not able to find reasonable jobs that they can support themselves and/or their family on. There is just not enough middle class type work to go around in the state. It has lead some to wonder if the state should not be taking a different approach to the way that it governs.

The Governor of Georgia won re-election pretty easily by touting some of the steps that he took in order to bring more corporations into the state.  By making taxes so low and bringing in huge corporations, jobs that were reasonable were just not as available. Better paying companies were driven out, and the people of Georgia were left to pick up the pieces.

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