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Genucel Skin Care Routine

During the winter season, the skin tends to get dry and chapped because of the low humidity levels. The skin, in this case, does not get enough moisture as it normally does during sunny weather and this takes a toll on it. During winter also, it is normal for most people to refrain away from drinking water because it is cold. This also affects the skin as it is not receiving enough water for moisturization. Winter can, therefore, be a very tough time on your skin eliminating its radiance and glow due to the dropping temperatures. The following are some of the tips from Genucel that one can follow to take care of their skin during winter.


According to a Yahoo.com article, winter causes a drop in temperature and thus low humidity levels. When you are stuck inside the house because of the cold levels, make it a point to humidify the house. Humidifiers will add moisture to your skin and give it a radiant glow. This prevents it from cracking up or flaking.

Stop acne treatment

Acne can affect anyone from an adolescent to an adult. People with acne use acne creams that are formulated to eliminate acne and give one a smooth skin. While these treatments are effective during the summer, they are not as effective during winter. If you have acne, stop using acne treatments during winter because they work best when there is high humidity.

Use anti-aging products

It is always better to start early with your anti-aging products from Genucel treatment than start late. The skin already starts to age as soon as you hit your mid-twenties and getting the right creams can rejuvenate and replenish it. The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy is good for your skin as it causes it to be more firm and tight. This therapy treatment is specially made to soothe the skin during winter and prevent it from drying. With this treatment, you will have a fresh, youthful look.

Winter times do not have to be tough for your skin. If you follow the above simple steps, you will enjoy your winter for sure. To learn more about Genucel stem cell treatment, visit betterskintoday.com.



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