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Gainful Recovery With Victoria Doramus From New York City


Struggling with addiction is a challenge that most people have to accomplish, but don’t always succeed at doing. However, Victoria Doramus was successful at breaking the cycle of addiction and was happy she did. After attending her very first Inpatient center in Arizona, Victoria knew the road ahead of her was not going to be an easy one. The high-speed chase was in full effect as she moved to several different cities to run from her problems in hopes that life would get better.

Victoria Doramus explains that she hit her lowest point when she realized how tough things could really get for her. The hardest part about her addiction began when she felt lonely and did not have a support system to lean upon. In New York City, Victoria Doramus envisioned a future full of death and disparity. She knew it was only a matter of time before her whole world would fall apart. Luckily, a rehabilitation facility in Texas showed Victoria Doramus the way to a sober way of living. Go To This Page for more information.

Now Victoria wants to make sobriety a reality for others. Partnering with non-profit addiction counselors gives her the will and the hope to continue her good work. Everyday poses an issue that must be resolved. Problem solving and dedicating her time to fighting the evilness of drug and alcohol abuse makes Victoria Doramus of New York City is a proud partner with her advocates.

Remembering the rough moments keeps her grounded and thankful for all that she wants to accomplish. The Women’s Prison Association, Amy Winehouse Foundation, is where she puts her philanthropy skills on the table. Giving herself is what she does to stay ahead and teach other woman a new way of survival. She often donates to organizations as she strives to bring addiction awareness to women.


Visit her on https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6754917/



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